NEWSLETTER 2018 - 19

Dear Brethren,

Thank you to the members and officers of Trillium Lodge for their support in the last 2 years, for my nomination and thank you to the members of the district for their support.

I am honoured to serve as your DDGM and to serve as our Grand Masters representative in Wellington District. I look forward to visiting within and without the district this year.

I believe visiting is a major part of masonry and I would strongly encourage all members to visit, it provides you the opportunity to know your fellow brethren within the district. The Traveling Gavel provides the opportunity for a little friendly competition and hopefully encourages more visitation.

My project this year is community outreach I believe this will help us to practice charity and assist some of our fellow man, more details are available from the district chairman for community outreach.

Once again I look forward to the coming year and may everyone enjoy an exciting and prosperous year.


R.W. Bro. David A. Walker
District Deputy Grand Master, Wellington District